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Is this a DVD or Blu-Ray?

No. This show is not being released on a physical format. Once purchased you can watch the show via a player on this website. There is also the option to download and watch offline.

Is this a ticket to see Joe live?

No. You are buying access to watch a film of Joe's latest show filmed live in Birmingham at the end of 2022.

Can I cast this to my TV?

There is not currently the option to cast to a smart TV but we hope to add that option in the future.

I live in Australia and/or New Zealand. Why can't I buy the show?

Joe is on tour in AU/NZ in May 2023 (Buy tickets here: https://joelycett.com/pages/comedy)
He'll be performing a version of this show so to avoid spoilers the show will be released once the tour is finished.
It's worth the wait we promise.

How do I use my gift card?

The gift card email contains a code (a long series of numbers and letters) that is your Gift Card code.
You'll use that to redeem at checkout so have it handy.
Go to http://watch.joelycett.com and click BUY NOW so you have 1 copy of the show in your basket.
Now click checkout and create an account (if you have not done that yet).
Once you are at checkout there is a white box above the order total which says GIFT CARD.
Enter your Gift Card code here. Click apply and it'll set your total to ZERO.
Then hit PAY NOW and process the order.
That's it! You can now watch and download the show. Enjoy!

I bought the show but when I log in to watch my order is not showing.

If you bought the show using Apple Pay but your Apple Pay account uses a different email address to the address used to create your customer account then create a new account with the same email as your Apple Pay account. This should then get you access to your order.
If that doesn't work drop us an email at onlinespecials@chambersmgt.com and we'll get it working for you!